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La SCI ANOLI – SIRET 507 949 659 00027 – APE code RENTAL HOUSING (6820A) responsibility of the editor of the website, make all necessary declarations to the competent bodies, on the use of personal data it contains.
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The headquarters of the Civil Society The Real ANOLI, to the capital of 5000 euros, Although Desiree is located 97118 SAINT-FRANCOIS and is represented by the managers BABY Philippe and Catherine VISENTIN whose contacts are clearly mentioned on the contact page of this site. His ID number is RCS Pointe a Pitre TMC 507 949 659

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leakages alternate breeding , Representation your broadcast , online all your party firmware content of ce site , somewhere surest support you by all make whatever thats either , est interdite . On behalf of-this-respect contrefaçon susceptible d'engager une interdiction be the responsibility of civil pénale et du contrefacteur .

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Ombudsman consumption

The mediation of Travel and Tourism aims to enable consumers and businesses in tourism, transportation, accommodation, des loisirs et du voyage de privilégier la résolution extrajudiciaire des litiges d’après-vente liés aux prestations commercialisées ou fournies par un de ses adhérents. Cette médiation est gratuite pour le consommateur. Il peut consulter le site pour effectuer sa demande.

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n'assume par Consequently none of responsibility strewn sites , theirs content , advertising , commodities or services available from two or upgrade sur strewn sites .

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