Dear clients, for your comfort and that of your surroundings, we ask you to respect the rules below.

Article 1 - Water, it's life: that comes out of the taps is safe to drink, it comes from the city of St. Francis. IGUANA ECOLODGE has a recovery tank of rainwater.  It allows us to water the garden and filling the pool. Water is precious: then save!

Article 2 - Environmental responsibility: garbage:

  • Bins are made available to the waste in the bungalows and a large container is located at the entrance of houses, in mailboxes.
  • Respect the site cleanliness.
  • A sorting has been installed at the entrance of the property. You can deposit plastic, carton, metal and glass

Article 3 - Pool : the pool is entirely the responsibility of adults. IGUANA ECOLODGE declines any responsibility in case of accident or crossing the barrier. Never leave your child alone. Note the permitted hours of attendance: 7h – 19 h.

Article 4 – Parking: Vehicles must be parked in the spaces provided for this purpose.

Article 5 - Laundry: IGAUANA ECOLODGE offers a space with washing machines. The cleaning products are available upon arrival and throughout your stay in the form of pods at a price of one euro.

Article 6 –  Sheets and linens: the bed linen, towels and washcloths, tea towels are provided. DO NOT WASH SHEETS OR THE TOWEL AND CARPET WITHOUT PRIOR ADVISE IGUANA Ecolodge (see rental conditions).

Article 7 – Fire : in case of fire, smoke detectors will engage to warn you. Fire extinguishers are available on the central avenue leading to each bungalow. Ne pas hésiter à appeler les pompiers n°18 et à nous contacter au 0690 22 24 74 or 0690 93 22 86 if that happened.

Article 8 – Electricité: précautions diverses: in the interest of extra comfort for our customers, Each bungalow is equipped with air conditioning in the rooms. You are asked if possible to have an ecological attitude with energy in responsible consumption (ne pas laisser le climatiseur en marche si les portes et les volets sont ouverts ou si vous n’êtes pas dans la pièce en question, do not leave lights on unnecessarily, …). « 25 euros supplémentaires par jour seront facturés au client si nous constatons qu’il a quitté son logement en laissant le climatiseur allumé pendant son absence.» Le balisage du chemin menant à votre logement s’effectue par un éclairage qui s’allume automatiquement à la tombée de la nuit et s’éteint de la même façon à 23 hours. Candles, matches and candle-doors are available in the kitchen area in the event of power outages. A manipuler avec précaution car les logements sont en bois!

Article 9 – Chauffe-eau: it is strictly forbidden to touch the water cumulus in the bathroom. Thereof is set to have a sufficient hot water amount and without violation.

Article 10 - Sanitation facilities: précautions diverses: IGUANA ECOLODGE has a micro purification station, latest advance in the field of wastewater disposal, to lessen the impact on nature. Grease trays on output sinks were also posed. Thank you for nothing thrown into the toilet paper aside for this purpose and to use non-aggressive to the environment. Do not dump outside the cottages. All wastewater should be disposed of in the shower and not outside bungalows.

Article 11 - Animals: animals are not accepted. Thank you for your understanding.

Article 12 - Garden: a garden is available where you can meet the various plants and flowers of the Guadeloupean archipelago. You can also go pick yourself the different fruits that grow without fertilizers on our land according to season. Note that it is forbidden to cut flowers or digging up plants on the premises.

Article 13 - Noise: IGUANA ECOLODGE ensures its guests rest and tranquility places. It wants a peaceful place where you can recharge and be in harmony with nature. You are asked to avoid excessive noise or other noise (music, …) especially at night. Moreover, parents encourage their children not to be unruly in their games, so as not to disturb the peace of other occupants ... Silence must be exercised between 22 h et 7h.

Article 14 – Connection internet et HI-FI: when you arrive you will be given a login to access the wireless network present throughout our site. In each bungalow you can enjoy flat screens and access to ten local TV programs. A stereo system is also available.

Article 15 - Responsibilities of users of IGUANA ECOLODGE: Renters are fully responsible for damages caused during their stay in the bungalow but also in the field. The dwelling is leased to the renter with nothing to report at the inventory.. A deposit of 500 EUR CB ONLY (undrawn) will be requested. Some or all of this amount will be charged in case of loss, deterioration or breakage of equipment inherent to housing in which they are. Do not place hot food on the table or work plans. Use the cutting board for cooking. Nicks on the table will be charged at the extent of damage.

Article 16 - Keys: the tenant is required to lock the slot whenever he leaves and ensure that all windows and openings are closed to prevent theft and damage during heavy rains.  Moreover, all key lost or broken will be charged.

Article 17 – Consignes aux fumeurs: il est strictement interdit de fumer à l’intérieur des bungalows et sur la terrasse sous peine de faire déclencher les détecteurs de fumée installés dans chaque logement. An ashtray is available on the table. Thank you to throw cigarette butts in the trash and not by earth.

Article 18 – Panne ou dysfonctionnement: in case of failure, please contact us and we will do our best to remedy as quickly as possible to the situation.

Article 19 – Adresses et numéros utiles en cas d’urgence:

  • Pompiers: 18, Gendarmerie nationale: 17 or 0590 85 18 00 (Saint-François)
  • S.A.M.U: 15 or emergencies Moule (Damencourt) or C.H.U Pointe-à-Pitre
  • Médecin généraliste à Saint-François: Docteur CUCHE : (Port Caraïbes)

Article 20 - Arrival / Départ et ménage: cleaning of bungalows is the responsibility of the residents during their stay and day of departure. The cleaning kit is in the closet in the bathroom under the water heater. The cottage is delivered completely clean (shower, WC, cuisine: four, frigidaire, bedroom, floors, …). The sheets should not be removed from beds. Si vous n’avez pas payé le forfait ménage départ, vous devrez alors nettoyer le logement vous-même. In case of non-compliance with this rule, nous débiterons la caution du locataire d’un montant compris entre 40 et 85 euros. Thank you to let you occupy the place as clean as you found them on your arrival.

Article 21 – Accueil des clients : Il n’y a pas de bureau de réception sur place. Par conséquent, to accommodate you in the best circumstances, so one should contact Catherine at 06 90 93 22 86 the day before your hire to provide your exact time of arrival at the cottage.


IGUANA Ecolodge thank you for your understanding and wish you a pleasant stay.